Principals Message

A college,I believe,is to be such an incubator which brings out latent potential of a learner. It should give him/her motivation to put in relentless effort to realise that potential. The teaching-learning process in a college should equip learner to chose and adapt techniques of independent self study. What all we do in college should not be an end in itself but it should work as a means that stays with learner through out life for his/her self actualization. For attaining such noble but very high objectives, what we attempt to do is a small but determined beginning. We employ small and simple tools and we trust them. An activity which may look small and simple but when it succeeds, it proved to be a big source of inspiration. It certainly contributes significantly in creating and maintaining right atmosphere in college. We there fore care for small things and attach importance to them rather than undertaking ambitious shiny project.