Commerce Department


Semester I Semester II
Accountancy and financial Management-I Accountancy and financial Management-II
Commerce-I Commerce-II
Business Economics-I Business Economics-II
Business Communication-I Business Communication-II
Environmental Studies-I Environmental Studies-II
F-C. : I F-C. : II


Semester III Semester IV
Accountancy and financial Management-III Accountancy and financial Management-IV
Introduction to Management A/c Auditing
Commerce-III Commerce-IV
Business Economics-III Business Economics-IV
Foundation Course-III Foundation Course-IV
Advertising-I Advertising-II
Business Law-I Mathematics Business Law-II.


Special Group Related Applied Component Applied Component (any one of the following subjects.)
Financial Accounts & Auditing Paper-I Direct and Indirect Taxation Export Marketing OR Computer System Application.
Financial Accounts & Auditing paper-II Commerce Paper III (Marketing & Human Resource Management
Financial Accounts & Auditing Paper-III Business Economics III