BAF Department


Semester I Semester II
Elements of Financial Accounting (FA-I) Special Accounting Areas (FA-II)
Introduction and Elements of cost (CA-I) Introduction, Planning and Technique of Auditing (Auditing-I)
Micro Economics (Eco-1) Introduction to Financial Management (FM-I)
Business Environment (Commerce-I) Indirect Taxes-1 (Taxation-1)
Introduction and Principles (BC-I)> Business Regulatory Framework (Business Law-I)
Fundamentals of Environment Management (FC-I) Quantitative Methods for Business-I
  Application in Business (BC-II)


Semester III Semester IV
Special Accounting Areas (FA-III) Special Accounting Areas (FA-IV)
Techniques for Auditing-II Introduction to Management Accounting (MA-I)
Methods of Costing (CA-II) Indirect Taxes-II (Taxation-II)
Macro Economics (Economics-II) Financial Market Operations (Commerce-II)
Company Law (Business Law) Industrial Regulatory Framework (Business law-III)
Principles of Management (Management-1) Quantitative Methods for Business-II
Fundamentals of Investment Analysis (FC-1) Information Technology.


Semester V Semester VI
Financial Accounting Paper IV (Corporate Accounting) Financial Accounting Paper V (Corporate Accounting)
Cost Accounting Paper II (Methods and Accounting) Cost Accounting Paper IV (Techniques of Costing)
Financial Accounting Paper-VI Advance Auditing Paper-III
Management Accounting Paper-II (Financial Statement Analysis) Financial Accounting Paper- VII
Taxation Paper-III (Direct Taxes Paper-I) Taxation Paper-IV (Direct Taxes Paper-II)
Economics Paper-III (Indian Economy) Management Paper-II (Principles of Management and Application)