Library Rules and Regulation

                  For successful and efficient functioning of our Library the following comprehensive rules are framed. In the absence of such it is difficult to meet the demands of readers.

1. All students are eligible to become member of our Library.

2. Readers must keep silence in the Library.

3. Readers must keep their borrower card in safe place to avoid misuse of them.

4. All Readers must affix his/her signature on entry register and wearing I card in the campus of Library.

5. The loss of Borrowers card and or I card must be informed in writing at the Circulation Counter immediately, however is responsible to liability of  his/her card.

6. A fine of Rs.1.00 (Rupee one only) will be charged for the last return of books from the last date of return stamped on due date slip.

7. If any damage or loss of books/resources readers shall be requested to replace it or pay the cost of the resources.

8. On the expiry of membership get clearance certificate or NOC from the Librarian after returning the Library card.

9. Other than reading no activities are allowed inside the Library. Use of mobile phone or any other items which are interrupting to others are not allowed inside the     Library.

10. The Librarian reserve the right to suspend the privilege of borrowing of any member found misbehaving.

11. If any complaint/ suggestion readers are requested to bring it to the notice of the Librarian.

12. All readers are requested to follow the regulation of the Library.