Sr. No. Name of the Periodicals Language Periodicity Related Subject
01 The Week. English Weekly General
02 Economic Political Weekly. English Weekly Economics & Political Science 
03 University News English Weekly Educational 
04 Journal of Indian School of Political Economy. English Quarterly Economics & Political Science 
05 The Museum English Quarterly History
06 Seminar English Monthly Political Science
07 Chhatrartha English Monthly General
08 Competition Wizard English Monthly General
09 The Librarian Journals English Monthly General
10 Indian Literature English Bi-Monthly English Literature
11 The Management Accountant English Monthly Accountancy
12 Down To Earth English Monthly Science
13 Satyagrahi Vichardhara Marathi Monthly General
14 Arthasawaad. Marathi Quarterly Economic
15 Lalit Marathi Monthly General
16 Muktashabdha Marathi Monthly General
17 Housing Heralds.(Gratis) Marathi Monthly General
18 Tumhi Ammhi Palak Marathi Monthly Education
19 Sewartha Marathi Quarterly General
20 Maha anubhav Marathi Monthly General
21 Arthabodhpatrika Marathi Monthly Economic
22 Lokrajya Marathi Monthly General
23 Marathi Vidnyan Patrika Marathi Half-Yearly Science
24 Navneet Hindi Monthly General
25 Samkalin Bhartiya Sahitya Hindi Bi-Monthly Hindi Literature
26 Hindusthani Jaban Hindi Monthly General
27 Hindusthani Jaban Urdu Monthly General
28 Samanya Dnyan Darpan Hindi Monthly General
29 Pratiyogita Darpan Hindi Monthly General
30 Mathematics Today English Monthly Mathematics
31 Chemistry Today Chemistry Monthly Chemistry
32 Biology Today Biology Monthly Biology

Physics Today

Physics Monthly Physics